High Speed Boats: If the boat exceeds 40kph it is important to clear the water at the back. Small waves when traveling at speed causes a high speed vibration, which can cause fraying of the outer. To prevent this it is important to make sure the bladder fills out the back of the bag-well and leaves no unsupported edges. The bladders should be run at maximum pressure (as hard as you can blow up with your mouth), remembering to release some pressure when the boat looses the cooling effect of the water.If you intend to use Air-0-Floats on boats with motors 25hp plus, you will have problems with fraying over several years, so order high speed Air-0-Floats and follow the above inflation instructions.

Positioning Airofloats: Airofloats should be just wet at the back when the boat is stationery with a normal load, and dry when the boat is on the plane (15kph approx)Airofloat bags can not be less than 20mm below gunwale. The rails should follow the natural curve of the boat which will make it higher at the front.