The sun is out and fish are biting!

It's time to get your boat dusted off and ready for a busy summer.

Looks like fish for dinner tonight

Looks like fish for dinner tonight


Some tips for getting your boat ready

  • Check your motor and have it serviced if its due.
  • Boat batteries have a tough life because they go long periods without use.   It is more than worthwhile to get one of the new multi-stage battery charges and have it connected over winter. If you charge it up for a few days these new charges can repair fading batteries.
  • See how old the fuel is - if over 6 mths old - throw it out (old fuel can cause motor failure).
  • Check your bungs are in good order.
  • Maybe run the motor on earmuffs or in a tub before going out to make sure all is well.
  • NEVER run the motor without water, a 30 second run will not overheat the motor but it will destroy a dry impeller. As soon as you get out on the water the motor will seize
  • Give your boat a good clean - hose out and now it's ready to go



  • If you have Air-0-Floats installed, check they are inflated to the right pressure (as hard as you can blow up with your mouth) and check there are no leaks - if so patch them up now.  Also, remove the cap and one-way value and check the flat black seals for cracks.
Boats set up and ready to go

Boats set up and ready to go

Trailer Set up

Trailer all good to go

Trailer all good to go

Before travelling put 2 hands on the top of your trailer tyre and shake it back and forth. If there is more than a 2 mm end play have the bearings serviced. If in doubt, jack the axle up one side at a time so the tyre is just off the ground. If when you spin the wheel you get a growling noise, the bearing needs to be replaced.

When you drive to the ramp the air in the bearings get hot.  Then, when you back down the ramp the air shrinks and sucks water into the bearing - this is why boat trailer bearings don't last very long.

Finally, check that your trailer lights are working!

Other Equipment

Good to see life jackets on all three

Good to see life jackets on all three

  • Check your safety equipment  - the police are around so you don't want to get caught out and you certainly don't be without it when you need it most!
Don't let tackle get  loose  in the floor of your boat. 

Don't let tackle get loose in the floor of your boat. 

  • If there is any fish hooks or sinkers in the bottom of your boat now's the time to remove them.  They can cause corrosion.