What are they made of?

The secret of producing an economic, tough, airtight stabilizer lies in the twin skin system.

This is comprised of a strong and durable outer bag, with an airtight and flexible inner bladder. The material of the outer bag is made from duracover.

It is a Polyester, knitted base cloth, coated both sides with UV stabilized PBC. This is similar to the product used on the side curtains of trucks.

What do I do if I get a puncture?

Punctures can be easily repaired with the supplied repair kit. (They can be repaired while you are on the beach and the process is similar to fixing a bicycle puncture).

Do fish hooks puncture the Airofloats?

We have found they do not seem to be a problem

What size do I require for my boat?

Boat Size    Airofloat Size

2.4 - 3.5 metre     2 metre

3.3 - 4 metre      2.5 metre

3.8 - 4.4 metre     3 metre



  • Punts and V-punts can be fitted with longer Airofloats than the V-hulls because they generally have less curvature along their sides.
  • Airofloats can not go around sharp bends.
  • Quintrex's that have a flared bow will need to be measured up because the bags must start behind the flare.


Where do I place the tracks on the boat?

We no longer supply the tracks as cost of delivery has made it impossible.

The tracks can be purchased from any aluminium supplier and a sample of the track is included.

The ideal setting is 150mm up from the chine (as per instructions).

The optimum setting would have the bags clear of the water at speed, but wet and providing stability at rest.

Can I put Airofloats on a fiberglass boat?

Air-O-Floats can be put on fiberglass boats provided you are able to fix the bottom rail onto the boat.

(If the rail is below the floor of the boat, then you can't do up the nuts.)